Bibeth Orteza: Puts On Makeup As She Shares Her Journey As A Woman

About Bibeth Orteza: Puts On Makeup As She Shares Her Journey As A Woman

Bibeth Orteza, bare faced, puts on makeup as she shares her journey as a woman - Paano kapag sinabihan ka ng nanay mo, "Hindi ka maganda. Hindi ka artistahin" - as an activist in UP, as cancer survivor, as the time of Covid-19.
An FB Live Replay from March 31, 2020 for Pelikulove’s celebration of Women's Month

Why “Lakambini Series”?
“Lakan” means “chieftain” and so, “Lakambini” means “woman leader”. The meaning was only changed to “muse” during the American period.

This May we are reviving its true meaning. In commemoration of the 145th birthday of Gregoria de Jesus / Ka Oriang, who chose “Lakambini” as her alias in the Katipunan during the Philippine Revolution, we are launching the “Lakambini Series” which aims to celebrate the different “lakambini” in the field of arts as well as feature works that champion women’s perspective on various aspects of life.

Bibeth Orteza is known for her screenplays Hari ng Tondo (2015), Toto (2014), and Inagaw mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin (1995). A versatile artist, she has also directed and acted for film, TV, and theater. From writing for the TV Comedy Series “Iskul Bukol” to "Katsuri", an adaptation of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" for Tanghalang Pilipino, to starring in Dulaang UP's "Nana Rosa" as Rosa Henson, and Tanghalang Ateneo's "Dolorosa" as elderly Pilar, among others.

At 65, she remains artistically active. She says memorizing scripts and producing screenplays help keep dementia at bay. A breast cancer survivor, she is still involved with ICanServe Foundation, her advocacy for breast cancer awareness.

Creative Producer: Ellen Ongkeko Marfil
Segment Producer: Aimee Bertulfo
Scriptwriter/Editor: Mica Flores

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Why “Lakambini Series”?
Why “Lakambini Series”?
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