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Indigo Child

Uploaded on: Mar 19, 2020
About Indigo Child

Since his teens, Jerome, now 20, has been taking care of his mother, Felisa, a rebel who was caught, tortured, and then committed to a halfway house after being diagnosed as bipolar due to multiple traumas. In one confrontation, Felisa reveals many secrets that Jerome finds hard to believe. Still, Jerome wants to know the truth. But where does he start? And if he does find it, will he be able to handle the truth?

Click here to watch poet and playwright Atty. Nicolas Pichay’s interview with veteran stage director and Indigo Child Director José Estrella

Skyzx Labastilla,
Rafael Tibayan

Rody Vera

José Estrella (play),
Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil (video)
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AidrielleRaymundo 2 months ago

sobrang husay!!! kudos sa cast at crew, napakahusay ng mga aktor!! salamat, pelikulove.